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AWS Values

28 years ago AWS Accountancy started out as a small practice with a big dream. The name AWS was created using the surnames of the partners who set up the company, Mr Peter Wylie and Mr Bob Smith. To tell the truth A was used to get AWS at the front of the phone book, oh how times have changed!

AWS is at the heart of the business standing for our key values Attitude, Willingness and Success. These values are incorporated into our daily workload with the clients and our team at heart.

Attitude – as having a positive attitude within the workplace leads to a positive mind-set where anything is possible. Having a positive attitude shows our passion for the work that we do.

Willingness- this shows our enthusiasm and drive, to meet deadlines and achieve goals.

Success – to be successful is to not only meet targets and deadlines, it is the support we provide to each other to achieve goals. Success can be fed back in many forms including positive feedback from clients, helping clients succeed by offering more than just standard accountancy, rates and reviews on our up and coming social media pages and gaining more clients on a monthly basis.

Our main goal with our values is that happy customers equal happy employees. With this in mind and applying our positive mind set, enthusiasm and passion for the job, with good team work, support and communication behind us AWS aim to be the best accountancy firm for our clients. 

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