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AWS Gains CIPP Accreditation!

In March 2023, AWS’s payroll bureau underwent a voluntary audit of the payroll processes and procedures to become accredited through CIPP, the leading body for payroll professionals.

After months of preparation to ensure that the payroll processes were to the highest quality, the successful audit took place.

Feedback from the assessor included, “A well- run payroll bureau, it was great to see the passion and enthusiasm from Emma and Erin, not only for what they are currently doing, but also the desire to improve and develop”

“All the team I met were welcoming, helpful throughout and gave honest answers”

“You could also feel the teamwork and ethic within the group was to help at all times”

“It was a pleasure to conduct the assessment”

The payroll bureau is now one of under 100 businesses country wide with this prestigious award alongside Royal Mail and NHS.

This is an incredible achievement to help shout about Payroll becoming an industry in its own right!

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