Potential Legislation Changes for 2020

AWS have been looking into potential legislation changes that you will need to know for the 2020/21 tax year. This will all be confirmed when the budget is announced in March 2020 however this is what will potentially be changing as we head towards the new tax year.

Bereavement Leave

Coming into force in April 2020, the government have now passed the new paid bereavement leave law. This means that bereaved parents of children under 18 or a stillbirth after 24 weeks of pregnancy will receive two weeks of paid leave. Under the act, adopters, guardians, foster parents or anyone that has looked after the child such as relatives or family friends will have the same rights as the birth parents. The time off can be taken in a two week block or two one week periods as long as it's within 56 weeks of the date of death. This allows the employees to take time off at specific dates for example anniversaries or memorable occasions.

Provisional National Minimum Wage Changes 20/21

The new national minimum wage rates haven't been confirmed however, these are what they are looking to be with a 6.2% rise.

25 and over:

Current = £8.21

20/21 = £8.72


Current = £7.70

20/21 = £8.20


Current = £6.15

20/21 = £6.45

Under 18's:

Current = £4.35

20/21 = £4.55