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Minimum wage tool

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In line with the minimum wage increasing on 1st April 2019 HMRC have designed a website to help you check your pay. The website is designed to guide you through any basic queries you have regarding your payslip.

 This is sectioned into the different rates of pay depending on your age, discussing what rate you should legally be being paid, how to use the online tools to help check/calculate your pay and who to call for advice and support if you feel like you cannot approach your manager regarding pay queries.

This website is simple to navigate around with the large headings relating to different topics, including apprenticeship wage, how to act if you have questions as an employer and how to go about reporting an discrepancies in your payments.

Under each heading features most commonly asked questions which may help resolve your query or guide you in the right direction for the correct information.

To conclude this is another useful feature designed by HMRC to help both employees and employers in the new tax year. 

For more information please follow the link below:

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