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Confused about your payslip?

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Having some issues with understanding your payslip?

Here at AWS we have decided to share our opinion on a useful payslip guidance tool created by CIPP.

This interactive tool includes all features which can be found on a payslip, whilst hovering the curser over certain features, the tool provides a more detailed description on each section of the payslip. If after reading you still require more information, most descriptions offer links that connect with websites offering more detail.

From explaining what your gross pay can consist of, to explaining how your net figure is reached, this tool is easy and simple to use to enable the individual to understand their payslip!

It must be noted that all features offered on this payslip may not feature on your own, this all depends on the layout style of the payslip your employer provides. The principle of all payslips are the same, they should show your gross earnings, net earnings, any additions or deductions being made and the date the pay is to be paid. The payslip should also show employee details such as your name and National Insurance number.

By following the link below you can access CIPP's useful, interactive payslip tool.

After using this tool, if you have any queries regarding your own payslip, please don't hesitate to contact AWS on 0191 250 2110, and your query will be dealt with as soon as possible.

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