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Mental Health at Work

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

AWS talking point-

Mental health is increasingly being highlighted in our news, showing that it is a part of everyday life, from individuals suffering from a mental health issue to family/friends/employers trying to help individuals with mental health issues.

The key word in the previous sentence is ‘trying’. As with a physical illness most individuals can go to the doctors, show their symptoms and be prescribed something to make them better, however it is not so simple with mental health.

Prince William has recently launched Mental Health At Work, aiming to improve the way the workplace handles mental health, helping to provide ideas to inspire a more positive attitude within the working environment.

Here at AWS we have decided to share our positive thoughts about this webpage to encourage employers take a look at what helpful guidance is available on the link below;

·        When accessing the webpage there is an automatic filter helping pin point the resources you need as an employer, this is very simple to complete, taking minimum time.

·        Many articles appear as a result of your defined search, with links to different resources

·        The resources suggested for use are clearly highlighted as free, to be paid for or requires booking

·        The toolkit tab guides you to additional resources, such a videos on how to approach employees regarding mental health, how to handle responsibilities as an employer to reduce stress and podcasts to help you gain knowledge on specific subjects

·        The case studies tab is a great option to read about how people have been affected by mental health in the work place, and what procedures were in place/resources used to help them overcome this.

We advise all employers use this useful tool to help represent wellbeing and positive attitudes in the workplace and to try and implement strategies to reduce mental health issues.

Emma Carr

AWS Accountancy Limited.

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