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AWS Charity Day at the Local Dog & Cat Shelter!

One week on and AWS are reflecting on a fantastic experience at the local Dog & Cat Shelter.

The team volunteered to help with the preparation of Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter summer fayre, from sanding and panting to mucking out, everyone got involved to help make a difference for this wonderful charity.

See below some wonderful words from our team.

Leanne, "Knowing that what we did, painting kennels and cleaning the byre helped both the staff and the animals gives you such a good feeling. Just wish we could have taken all the animals home with us!"

Anne, "I felt the day was so rewarding, great teamwork and a lot of encouragement from the staff at shelter."

Emma W, " Being a lover of animals, it was amazing to be able to help those who give so much time to animals needing homes. It definitely makes me want to go back and help more!"

Erin, "It was such a brilliant, inspiring day which made me want to help even more! I loved being able to do something to give back to a charity that helps and does so much for animals. Everyone got straight to work with no questions asked which was so lovely to see!"

Amber, Nathan & Emma, "The day was a real eye opener to behind the scenes of what the staff do there at the Shelter. We found it really rewarding to help an organisation in the local community and help relieve some of the work from their day-to-day jobs."

"We found it heart warming to see how much time and love the staff devote to the animals. The Volunteering day spread awareness amongst us all how high the rate and seriousness animal neglection is."

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