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A Day in the life of payroll

A Day in the life of payroll

Each day brings its challenges but also brings its rewards.

On a usual day in the office we open up our spreadsheets and check out the daily workload. Alongside this we check our emails to see if we have any queries/ payroll in for the day. We also check for any tax code updates and pension updates, as well as check AWS’s social media accounts.

From here we begin the day by running the weekly payroll. Depending on what time of the month this is, this could also include monthly payroll. Each individual payroll is different as each is tailored to the client’s needs. Our clients also use different pension providers and therefore each method of uploading depends on the provider in question. We have clients who receive payroll via post and some who receive it digitally. We keep our clients up to date with their payroll via email or telephone.

The above is a standard day in the office and working within the payroll department we know that there is a lot more involved than what is described above. We carry out many jobs which have different deadlines and therefore being organised, being able to multitask and having good communication skills is key.

We set up payroll and pension schemes, complete legal paperwork, deal with pension providers and HMRC on a daily basis, handle statutory payments, attachment of earnings, P60’S, P45’s and specialised reports.

Stepping outside the payroll role, we also carry out digital marketing for the company, by updating our website and social media posts on a daily basis. We also go flyer delivering to promote our business to other local businesses as we believe it’s always good to be able to put a face to a name. 

We also enjoy carrying out research into new laws and legislation by attending courses relating to our job.

On top of all this, we also take part in organising charity events, so far being the Christmas Jumper day, food hampers to the local community and the upcoming Macmillan coffee morning.

As you can see from the above, our payroll bureau of 2 have a very busy job. However we manage to balance our workload to make sure that everything is achieved and we aim to continue to grow the payroll bureau above and beyond! 

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